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Board of Directors and Other Volunteers: January 2017

President:Jim Woodward
Vice-President: Tom Purdon
Secretary: Dita Hagen
Treasurer: Kay Mertes
Board Members: Carole deRivera, Louise Gibbeson, Judy Maury, Judy Thoreson, Willem Van Kempen


If you have a question about any of these activities, please write us an email directed to the person in charge at this address: We are always welcoming new volunteers with special interests and talents.

Adult Education Programs: Jim Woodward, Doug Moore
Annual Audit: Tom Purdon
Annual Meeting of the Friends: Judy Thoreson
Archives: Dita Hagen
Bat House Research Program: volunteers needed
Car Counter: Wally Lamb
Chamber of Commerce Coordination –Tom Purdon
Event Calendar:
Farmers Market, Information tables: Judy Maury and Dita Hages
Forest Service Liaison:  Jim Woodward, Tom Purdon and Willem Van Kempen
Historian: Dita Hagen
Honor Wall Committee: Tom Purdon, Jim Woodward, Carolyn Fowler, Doug Moore
Liaison with other Environmental Organizations: Tom Purdon
Literature Printing: Judy Maury
Literature Distribution: Dita Hagen, Wally Lamb, Tom Varnell, Dave Bachman, and Tom Schloss
Mailing:  volunteers as needed
Marketing: Carole deRivera, Jim Burkstrand
Materials Delivery: Rozanne Roman and team
Membership Coordinator: Diana Brock Makes
Memorials/Planned Giving/Administration: Ellen West and Board
Miles and Hours Compilation: Judy Thoreson
Newspaper Column: Tom Purdon, Doug Moore
Newsletter Publisher: George Cottay
Nominations of new Board Members: Dita Hagen and Rozanne Roman
Publicity: Tom Purdon, Louise Gibbeson
Sales: Rozanne Roman: local
Santa Rita Lodge Sales: Judy Maury
Speakers' Bureau: Tom Purdon
Special Events: Carole deRivera
Special Projects: Jim Woodward
Storage & Inventory: Judy Maury and Wally Lamb
Visitor Information Station: Anita Woodward
Volunteer Coordination & Recognition:  Willem Van Kempen, Joe, MacIsac
Volunteer of the Year: Board President conducts election
Web Site: George Cottay
Accessible Trail Tours: Rozanne Roman
Education Director: Doug Moore
Fundraising: Carole deRivera
Grant Writing: Tom Purdon and Willem Van Kempen
New Member Orientation: Anita Woodward and volunteers
Preservation & Cleanup: Mike Staple, Dita Hagen, Steve Pruess
Scholarship: Ellen West, Louise Gibbeson, Jim Woodward and Tom Purdon

Please note: Nominations for membership to the board occur in the fall. If you are interested please contact a current board member. At the present time there is an opening for appointment to an unexpired board term. If you would like to participate with a group of volunteers who love Madera Canyon and are dedicated to conservation through education please contact us.