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Keep the Canyon Clean!
Every Monday morning a group of volunteers arrives in the Canyon to pick up litter left behind by weekend visitors and picnickers. The volunteers' activities include cleaning of the picnic, parking, and roadside areas. In addition, trail cards (that provide feedback from visitors about their Canyon experiences) are collected at the trail heads; the input from these cards is tabulated for the U.S. Forest Service. Brochure boxes are also filled at all the trail head locations.

Members of the Green Valley Hiking Club periodically hike the trails to keep them in good condition. Weeds and brush are cut and litter is removed. The Monday morning clean up crew sweeps the handicap-accessible trail before its use by assisted living groups.

One of the other labor intensive activities of the Friends and the Forest Service has been and continues to be the removal of graffiti from several areas – usually along the stream on rock surfaces, on the stone walls in parking or picnic areas and on picnic tables and benches.  It is a federal offense and those doing it are subject to fines or more; however, the worst effect of leaving graffiti is that more will follow.