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Saturday July 25, 6:30- 9:30 PM - 10th Annual Bud Gode Picnic & Bug Night - White House Picnic Area, Madera Canyon

You are invited. Bring a picnic supper and beverage up to White House Ramada and join the Friends of Madera Canyon for an evening of Madera Canyon monsoon nature. 2015 is the 10th anniversary Bug Night, held in remembrance of FOMC nature guru, Bud Gode, and his love for investigating night insects with ultra-violet light.

We'll picnic while enjoying the canyon sunset and twilight, then as it gets dark, observe the fantastic variety of nocturnal insects that are attracted to a UV "black light" set up at the trailhead. We'll also explore the parking area and trailhead by flashlight for arthropods, owls and nocturnal animals that come out after the sun goes down.

Participants should bring food, beverages, one flashlight for each participant, fresh batteries, a long-sleeve clothing layer, walking/hiking shoes (sandals not recommended) and insect repellent. Children 12 & over are welcome with a supervising adult.

 Caution: Summer weather is changeable and unpredictable. This event depends on safe weather conditions and may be cancelled suddenly up to the last minute if thunderstorms/dangerous weather conditions develop. Your safety is most important! Please monitor the local weather forecast, weather maps and local conditions. DO NOT drive up to Madera Canyon if potentially hazardous weather is occurring or forecast!


July 28th and 29th - Bridge Area Rehab Volunteers Needed

The old one lane bridges in Madera Canyon have been replaced by modern two lane bridges. During the construction process it became necessary to remove a significant number of large Sycamore trees and other vegetation. The Friends have been working with the U.S. Forest Service and two other not-for profit groups, the Sky Island Alliance and the Borderlands Group from Patagonia, an environmental restoration organization. Together we have moved large boulders and graded the landscape along both sides of the bridge abutments to reduce erosion and to prepare for planting and revegetation. Organic mulch material has been laid down and hydro-seeding is to be done this week.

With the work started, there are volunteer opportunities to assist with the restoration project. The first two are: Tuesday, July 28, is a "rock day"- volunteers help with final moving of soil, rock and boulders to finish contouring the landscape and providing erosion prevention. Wednesday, July 29, is a "plant day"- volunteers will help with the initial planting of trees and shrubs on the site If you are interested in having a hands-stake in restoring this part of the canyon please register with our partner in the work, the Sky Island Alliance.

  • To register for the July 28th rock day click here.
  • To register for the July 29th plant day click here.

Special thanks to our Doug Moore and to Carrieanne Campbell of Sky Island Alliance, for their expertise and consultation on plant selection and landscape ground preparation. Also our thanks to David Seibert of the Borderlands Group and John Titre of the Nogales Ranger District of the USFS, who coordinated much of the work and the necessary equipment to get the heavier work done. Let's hope we get some more good rains during the monsoon season to get the new vegetation going well. It is a pleasure to drive up and down the Madera Canyon road now, and much safer for everyone.