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Scholarship Program

The Board of Directors of the Friends of Madera Canyon has inaugurated a new effort to strengthen its educational program. A scholarship program for graduating seniors in the high schools of the Santa Cruz River Valley was first offered in spring 2007. The purpose of the program is to attract young people into careers related to ecology and natural history of Madera Canyon and Southeastern Arizona.
At the end of the senior year of high school, a $1,000 prize is offered to a qualified student who elects to pursue further study in a subject(s) of natural science as broadly defined by a relationship to nature as it is exemplified in Madera Canyon. A choice of career in any closely related discipline will qualify the student, e.g. Archeology, Anthropology, Geology, Ornithology, Botany, Ecology, etc. A course of study in History or even Art and Journalism will be considered if it is related to the canyon or mission of the Friends. The purpose of allowing this diverse selection is to attract the best students who have a sincere desire to continue a career in natural ecology of the Southwest basin and range country and its "sky islands."
When the prize is awarded, the student automatically is qualified to renew the $1,000 stipend each year for up to four years of higher education. Renewal will be dependant upon performance, the sincerity of career goals, and continuation in a relevant field of study.
The Friend’s Scholarship Committee reviews applications and interviews qualified students whose applications are submitted by March 1 each year. 

We hope that as these students grow they will become interested in careers that can range from Forest Service or National Park positions to scholars in any aspect of natural history. During their scholarship years, students will be invited to participate in the meetings of the Friends and their activities in the Canyon. This could range from summer internships to committee memberships.
We encourage contributions to the Scholarship Endowment Fund. Please make your check to: Friends of Madera Canyon and write "Scholarship Fund" on the memo line. Send your check to: Friends of Madera Canyon, P.O. Box 1203 , Green Valley , AZ 85622-1203 . Thank you very much!

RaeAnn Jarvis - The First Friends' Scholar