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Board of Directors

Jim Woodward, President - jsw52745@aol.com
Rusty Lombardo, Vice President - jim_lombardo@yahoo.com
Kay Mertes, Treasurer - FriendsOfMadera@gmail.com
Louise Gibbeson, Secretary
Linda Landry, Operations
Judy Thoreson
Rhonda Woods
Mike Lewis - mdlinvest1@gmail.com
Davis Linn - delinn1950@gmai.com
Joe Wolowsky - jwolowsky@gmail.com

Please note: Nominations for membership to the board occur in the fall. If interested, please contact a current board member. If you would like to participate with a group of volunteers who love Madera Canyon and are dedicated to conservation through education please contact us.


If you have questions about any of these activities, please write us at info@friendsofmaderacanyon.org with your question directed to the person in charge of that responsibility.  We are always welcoming new volunteers with special interests and talents.

Director of Education: Doug Moore
Adult Education Programs: Louise Gibbeson, Doug Moore
Annual Meeting of the Friends: Judy Thoreson
Archives: Louise Gibbeson
Bat House Research Program: volunteers needed
Car Counter: Wally Lamb
Chamber of Commerce Coordination: volunteer needed
Forest Service Liaison:  Jim Woodward, Carole deRivera
Historian: Louise Gibbeson
Honor Wall Committee: Tom Purdon, Jim Woodward, Carolyn Fowler, Doug Moore
Liaison with other Environmental Organizations: Tom Purdon
Literature Printing: Linda Landry
Literature Distribution: Wally Lamb, Tom Varnell, Dave Buchman and Tom Schloss
Mailing:  volunteers are needed
Marketing: Carole deRivera, Jim Burkstrand
Materials Delivery: Rozanne Roman and team
Membership Coordinator: Diana Brock Makes
Memorials/Planned Giving/Administration: Ellen West and Board
Miles and Hours Compilation: Judy Thoreson
Newspaper Column: volunteer needed
Newsletter Publisher: George Cottay
Nominations of new Board Members: volunteers needed
Publicity: Louise Gibbeson
Sales: Rozanne Roman: local
Santa Rita Lodge Sales: Linda Landry
Speakers' Bureau: volunteer needed
Special Events: Carole deRivera
Special Projects: Jim Woodward
Storage & Inventory: Wally Lamb
Visitor Information Station: Anita Woodward
Volunteer Coordination & Recognition:  Joe MacIsaac
Volunteer of the Year: Board President conducts election
Website: Teri Matelson
Accessible Trail Tours: Rozanne Roman
Education Director: Doug Moore
Fundraising: Carole deRivera
Grant Writing:
New Member Orientation: Anita Woodward and volunteers
Preservation & Cleanup: Mike Staple and Steve Pruess
Scholarship: Ellen West and Jim Woodward