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Board of Directors

Rusty Lombardo, President
David Linn - Vice President

Pat Holmes, Treasurer
Barb Fleshman, Secretary
Suzanne Stiles Burke
Bob Pitcher
Christine Olsenius

Doug Moore

Carolyn Fowler, Emeritus
Jim Woodward, Emeritus, Honor Wall Co-chair
Tom Purdon, Emeritus, Honor Wall Co-chair

Board of Directors Meetings

Members are invited to attend Board of Directors monthly meetings held the 3rd Friday of each month except July & August.  Seasonally they are held at either the Proctor Ramada in Madera Canyon or at Friends in Deed in Green Valley.  For upcoming time and location inquire at info@friendsofmaderacanyon.org.  Most meetings last about two hours.  Members may contact the President if they wish to present a subject and be placed on the agenda.

Please note: Nominations for membership to the board occur in the fall. If interested, please contact a current board member. If you would like to participate with a group of volunteers who love Madera Canyon and are dedicated to conservation through education please contact us.

Committee Coordinators

FoMC activity questions? Please contact us: info@friendsofmaderacanyon.org.
We welcome new volunteers.

Rusty Lombardo -  Communications/Newsletter publisher
Doug Moore - Director of Education
Joe & Cheryl Wolowsky - Canyon Brochure Distribution & Car Counter
Joseph MacIsaac - Volunteer Coordinator
Diana Makes - Membership, Bookkeeper, Miles & Hours
Christine Olsenius - Grants and Fundraising Committee Chair

Steven Pruess - Preservation & Clean Up Coordinator
Dave Toeniskoetter - GVR Hiking Club Representative

Rozanne Roman - Information Distribution
Suzanne Stiles Burke - Scholarship Program
Anita Woodward - Visitor Information Center
Carole deRivera – Music in the Canyon
Teri Matelson - Website Developer

US Forest Service

Jim Copeland
Nogales District Ranger
520-334-0034 | james.copeland@usda.gov

John Titre
Nogales District Recreation Specialist
520-308-8544 | john.titre@usda.gov

Marvin Bradsher
Madera Canyon Ranger