The beautiful land and life that makes up Madera Canyon is a photographer’s paradise. The FoMC has instituted two Photo of the Month (POM) sections – one for students, one for anyone else. The Student section is open to anyone in High School or younger. The Rules and Entry Instructions are listed below. Students must have parental or guardian approval.

For a discussion of these photos of the month, see the Nature Page and the new discussion on Dry Summer Photos.

Photos of the Month

Rules for Entry

Photography – POM

  • A photo must be taken within Madera Canyon
  • A photo must be taken within the designated time period of the POM
  • The current POM time period is 12 months. The photo will go into the POM of the month it is submitted
  • One person can submit (every month) up to three photos for a POM.
  • Photos remain the property of the photographer, but by submitting them the photographer gives the FoMC a media release to use the photo in any of its printed publications or online accounts
  • If a Photographer chooses to include people in her/his submission, s/he is responsible for obtaining the necessary releases from the individuals depicted and must be able to provide copies of those releases upon request.
  • Submitted photos should be jpegs or HEIC of at least 500 pixels on the long side. Photos should have a title.
  • When submitting a photo, do not exclude the EXIFS (see
  • Photos will be displayed on Flickr with the title and the artist’s name.
  • Photos can be edited in any manner; eg, not at all, simple crop, tone adjustments, HDR, composites, advanced editing with Photoshop or other software like Topaz. Elements of the photo may be removed, or replaced, or added. There are no limits on image postprocessing. Edit to your tastes.
  • Any composite photo must have all elements taken by the same photographer, with the same camera, and within the time period of the POM. Honesty is assumed. No AI generated elements are permitted.