Visiting the Canyon

The middle of September marks the traditional end to the Monsoon Season for southeast Arizona. After a very wet July, this season seems to end more than a month early. The lushness in Madera Canyon and the surrounding desert-grasslands peaked earlier this year and the Canyon is rather dry as we enter the Autumn season. Conditions are still conducive to good bird watching in the Canyon. Many of the fall migrants have arrived while several of the summer breeders have or will soon depart. And some wintering sparrows have already arrived.

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Note to eBirders:

Entering eBird data for Madera Canyon? There are a number of eBird hotspots in Madera Canyon — for each of the parking areas, picnic areas, feeding stations, and some trails. Please use existing hotspots when ever possible, best to not merge a hike or drive through the canyon into one checklist. Also PLEASE NOTE that the Pima /Santa Cruz County line cuts east-west through Madera Canyon. County boundaries are important for eBird data collection & reporting. The county line crosses Madera Canyon Road at the Madera Picnic Area, at the midpoint of the big parking area on your left as you head up canyon. If you can see the Santa Rita Lodge, you are in Santa Cruz County so please use the hotspot Madera Canyon—Santa Rita Lodge. Otherwise use the hotspot Madera Canyon—Madera Picnic Area. If birding at the Bog Springs Campground, which is bisected by the county line, use the Madera Canyon—Bog Springs campground, unless the birds you are noting are on the north side of the campground, then create a personal spot that is in Pima County.

Madera Canyon Trail Map

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