Where To Stay

There are three overnight lodging facilities providing accommodations in Madera Canyon, each linked to their Website below. During the spring and summer birding season, reservations are sometimes required far in advance. The Santa Rita Lodge has a wonderful gift shop and sells Coronado Recreational Annual Passes ($40). Day Use $8 and weekly $10 passes are available at all Canyon parking/picnic areas where signs and envelopes are located. National/Interagency passes, also acceptable in the Canyon, are available Online and at some National Parks/Federal Recreation areas. A new QR code system has been implemented in some areas. A photo scan will take you to the USFS site where passes can be purchased via credit card.

While these locations offer overnight accommodations in the canyon, there are no restaurants or gas stations in Madera Canyon. Be sure to bring water and any food you will need for your stay in the canyon. In adjacent Green Valley, 12 miles from Madera Canyon, there are many restaurants, several motels, grocery stores, and other facilities readily available.

The Bog Springs Campground in Madera Canyon has 13 campsites suitable for tents or RVs, although no RV hookups are provided. Campsites are available for a daily fee on a first-come, first-served basis. A campground host is generally on site. Toilets and drinking water are available at the campground, and each campsite has a table and fire grill. Bring your own firewood, charcoal, or camp stove. However, please remember that during extremely dry weather, there may be no fires allowed. This is a pack-it-in, pack-it-out facility.

Dispersed camping is available off Proctor road. Dispersed camping means no services; such as trash removal, toilets, tables, fire pits or drinking water. What is provided is peace and quiet and starlit nights.

Madera Canyon Road Map

Madera Canyon

Lodges in Madera Canyon

Explore three unique lodges nestled in the scenic Madera Canyon, each offering a distinctive blend of comfort and natural beauty. Discover your perfect retreat among these picturesque accommodations.

Santa Rita Lodge

Immerse yourself in nature at Santa Rita Lodge, offering cozy accommodations and a delightful gift shop. Purchase Coronado Recreational Annual Passes and embrace the tranquility of Madera Canyon.

Madera Kubo Cabins

Experience the charm of Madera Kubo Cabins, where rustic elegance meets modern comfort. Unwind in a serene environment surrounded by lush landscapes and create lasting memories.

Chaparral Lodge

Find solace in the heart of Madera Canyon at Chaparral Lodge, a haven for nature enthusiasts. Indulge in the peace and serenity of this lodging option, providing a gateway to the canyon’s natural wonders.