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This year we can celebrate relocating our MIC series back in the canyon!  The concerts will be held at the Proctor Ramada, accessed in the first turn-off on Whitehouse Canyon Road/Madera Canyon Road.
Seating is limited in this venue and tickets sell out quickly - concert tickets are $30 ($15 tax deductible).

Concerts take place March 27, April 3, 10, and May 1.
We provide chairs, Masks are optional as outdoor activities are considered less contagious.

Location:  Proctor Ramada, concerts begin at 3:00 PM.
Tickets:  $30 each, sold ONLINE and via Carole deRivera, 847-702-5101.

Our online form allows you to purchase tickets to one or to all of the concerts at one time - 4 ticket limit per purchase, per concert.  Upon completion of your ticket purchase, ticket confirmations will be sent to the email address you provide.  This email confirmation is your ticket, so please bring your confirmation to the performance.

Learn more about the Performers below the ticket purchase information ↓

Mindy Ronstadt & the One Bill Band
March 27 - SOLD OUT!

Tom Guy
April 3 - SOLD OUT!

Jovert Steel Drum Band
April 10 - SOLD OUT!

Canyon Currents
May 1 -


Tickets: $30 each (tickets sell out quickly)
Location: Madera Canyon's Proctor Ramada
Time: C
oncerts begin at 3:00 PM

→ All concerts SOLD OUT! ←

Beginning Monday, March 7, our online form allows you to Purchase Tickets to one, or to all of the concerts at one time - 4 ticket limit per purchase, per concert. Upon completion of your Ticket Purchase, Ticket Confirmations will be sent to the email address you provide.

This email confirmation IS your ticket, so please bring the confirmation to the performance (s).

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Mindy Ronstadt and the One Bill Band
March 27 - SOLD OUT!

Mindy has been performing with her famous family all of her life.  She has recorded and appeared on stage with her famous Aunt Linda, and now continues to perform with a variety of musicians in and around southern Arizona.  Bill Martin hails from the Hollywood music scene where he collaborated with several artists as well as recording as a solo artist for CBS records. Bill and Mindy have been performing together since 2002 and have fashioned a unique blend of harmonies and solo performances. With an eclectic repertoire, this duo has something for everyone’s tastes.

Tom Guy
April 3 - SOLD OUT!

Tom grew up in southern California, first playing in the high school rock bands and then studying classical guitar for several years before moving to Hawaii and playing there to get a better understanding of the instruments he felt a great deal of passion about.  Tom took a twenty year break from music until retirement, which brought him to Green Valley for the winter months.  Tom has found that Green Valley residents seem to enjoy folk music from the sixties and seventies, which would include music by Paul Simon, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Jim Croce and the Eagles

Jovert Steel Drum Band
April 10 - SOLD OUT!

Jovert is a premier steel drum band from Tucson High Magnet School. Expect the unexpected and prepare to be entertained when they liven    up the canyon with their energetic world music. They are playing music that makes them happy and, in turn, will make you happy after this long Covid spell.


Canyon Currents
May 1 - SOLD OUT!

The Canyon Currents are a Tucson-based musical trio performing original and covered Americana and folk and bluegrass based songs and instrumentals.  They are award winning seasoned players with national and international touring experience. They gravitate toward musical themes of Southwest history, rivers and canyons, Americana, mining, trail rides, personal songs, Celtic and bluegrass influenced standards as well as some humorous topical songs.

Lex Browning — vocals, violin, guitar and mandolin
Peter McLaughlin — vocals, guitar
Brian Davies — vocals, upright bass